Homework on Citizenship

1.The government should definitely treat all its citizens equally, because being a citizen of a country means to have the right to get benefit, as well as to complete the responsibility. If only small amount of people are the legal citizens of one country, but can not get the right that all other citizens can get, they will definitely feel unpleasant, so that those people will try their best gain the rights which they deserved at the first place. There will be rebalance taken place, and all the people in that country will not get their peaceful lives. So in order to make sure that everybody in the country can live in love and peace, and all the things are in the right order. The government should treat everybody equally.
2.I don’t think I should always be responsible for my country. Due to the education I received, I can’t really agree with the concept that I belong to a certain country, and I will not be responsible for a certain country. I will only be responsible for my own culture, my history, and all the things that make me who I am today. I will not do somethings that against my concept of goodness only because that is what my country asks me to do. The country would probably disappear after a war, but what’s in my mind will never go away.
3.I don’t take my identity as part of a country as the most important thing in the world, even I do think identity is very important. A person may have different identities, and being a part of a country is one of those. There are also many other identities I cherish as well. For example, being a member of a party I love, or doing a great job in my career. I don’t necessary need to belong to a certain country, I just need to live my life and try to make some difference.

Citizenship Homework -Roy

1.A government should treat all of its citizens equally.

I disagree with it everyone have own valuable for the social but is different the government should provide a level playing field(that means EVERYONE have chance to get good life including disabled person) but that not means government should give citizens same treat. That will make the citizens be lazy. So I disagree with this viewpoint. Citizens should have a opinion about they should hard working to make their life to be good. If everyone got same treat from government, no guys want to work more than others. In a level playing field the guys who is richer than other guys that’s normally. And that will to encourage other citizens working hard.


2.Being a citizen means you should be responsible to your country at all times.

I disagree about that. “ALL” this word make this viewpoint to be absolute. Citizens not means the people should have responsible for country. The Citizens should have a sense of social responsibility it dose’t means they must to do it all time. The country should protect every Citizens all time the prerequisite is the citizen didn’t do something bad things or commit a crime. This is country’s responsible. Citizens they have right to decide what did they want to do. Responsible for the country in my opinion is need have but not be must.


3.Your identification with your country is more important than your identification with a group (social, ethnic, political, etc )

I agree with this viewpoint. Every group should protect you country and when your country is over that means every group in your country is over. Country is a most biggest group for the social. So definitely the country is more important than other group. It provide environment for you life. In other words the country is basically of your life. You can’t without the country this biggest group.

Homework due 21th Jan.

1. A government should treat all of its citizens equally.

I agree that government should treat all of its citizens equally. First we should know that each persons deserve human rights. And being treated equally should be part of the human rights. Despite whether you are rich, poor, young or old, you should receive same health care, insurance and other wellfare by the country. If you dont treat your citizens equally, it will cause serious consequence. Many years ago racial discrimination still exsisted among USA. Not exsisted between civilians but also government. Some state government also introduce some laws which harm the rights of African Americans. And rebellions is nationwide during that time. The civil war is also another consequence of racial discrinmination.

2.Being a citizen means you should be responsible to your country at all times

The word “all” is too extreme. Yeah we pay tax, and we do a a lot of things to this country. But not all the time. Citizens may have their own choices  to do their favor. Maybe contributing to the coutnry, or maybe dooing business, it is up to them. Also, sometimes the coutry takes the responsibilities to protect their civilians, also provide them with a harmonious environment to enjoy their life. They should not be responsible to the country all the time, but they should do something to their country. For example, obey the laws.

3. Your identification with your country is more important than your identification with a group( social, ethnic, political, etc)

I totally agree with the statement that my indentification with my country is more significant with a group, like potical or social. The boundaries is the most convincing evidence for people to believe. On the map we could see distinct boundries of each country, which consists this world. Country had more mature system for citizens to live their life. For instance, health care, insurance and education. And we cannot see those things among groups. Also your passport, visa, even the laws in United nationed will be recognized  by your nationality, instead of your ethnic group or social, political group


Jan 21 citizenship.——Sara

1.A government should treat all of its citizens equally.

I diagree with that the  government should treat all the citizens equally. Although all the citizens are the members of a country, and that this the country’s responsibility to give all the people equal right, but there are a lot of special people that need more help, if the government treat everyone equally, some one might die.

for example, for the old people, they have no job, and some of them have no children, even some of them has child, but their child has no ability to gives them money, so the government need to treat the elders in a special way. maybe give them some money every month, or give them free medication, if the government treat the old people like what they treat the young people, some olds might starve to death.

so, i think government should not treat all the citizens equally, but change it by the situation.


2.Being a citizen means you should be responsible to your country at all times.

I disagree with that, even though protect your country is a responsibility to protect your country all the time, however, it is not always right to do that.

I want to use “The giver” as an example, Jonas broke the law of their government and escape from the community so that he can give everybody the memory, it it a right thing to do, at least for the long turn, if he did not, then Gabe will die, and all the citizens will never know in fact the community is killing someone, it will does harm to the community. So, although Jonas was not being loyal to his country, but he saved the whole community, so i think always protect your country no matter what if wrong.


3.Your identification with your country is more important than your identification with a group (social, ethnic, political, etc).



I agree that your identification with your country is more important than your identification with a group.

The identification with a group can only represent what role you are playing in that group, and a group has limited amount of people, you can’t stay in that group all the time, when you leave that group, the identification is not important anymore.

but you as long as you are the citizen of your country, you identification with your country will follow you forever , no matter where you go, and which group you are joining, for the more important, the identification with a country is not as simple as with a group, you are not only a citizen, but with the identification, you can also have the rights that your country offer.

So the identification with the country is more important with the identification with a group.


Homework – Responses to Statements on Citizenship

1. A government should treat all of its citizen equally.

The equality of all citizens, it is kind of the most basic value that should be planted into every single citizen’s mind in order to create a harmonious society, and to do so, the government itself should start by treating all of its people equally. As an illustration, before South Africa liberated itself, the white governors there used to regard themselves as somewhat a level higher than these locals, causing countless conflicts and small battles with loss of actual flesh and blood. That is, to set a stable foundation for the country, the government should always treat all of its citizens equally, for an utopia without prejudice, discrimination or dehumanization.

2. Being a citizen means you should be responsible to your country at all times.

The word “all” in this statement is, of course, too general and extreme. Under some circumstances, which means being a baby, child or elderly, it is somehow the country’s responsibility to provide them a safe and comfortable environment to whether grow up or enjoy the last bit of their lives throughout all these years of hardworking and contribution to the whole nation. And notice that adolescents are excluded since as far as I am concerned, it would be the right age to actually start thinking about taking these responsibilities starting from, for example, donation of either money or blood, or just any kind of social service.

3. Your identification with your country is more important than your identification with a group (social, ethnic, political etc.)

I disagree because unlike boundaries between countries, which could be roughly decided, the bound and similarities shared by a group is usually much more significant, especially when it comes to ethnic groups. It is during the age of discovery that the Europeans literally just draw lines on the african map and separated the continent into so many divisions. They split nations up, based on maybe only the tendency of how a little creek will flow, and different names are called for where the two banks, made of the same soil, located. Such nation made of randomly put together people can not escape the fate of civil wars. In this case, it is most insignificant their recognition with the nation comparing to this natural born identification with either an ethnic or social group.

Citizenship Homework–Kevin

1. A government should treat all of its citizens equally.


I agree with this statement. Every single person should be treated the same and each of the citizens should have exactly the same rights on everything. This is the basic require to government. A government builds up to provide protection to citizens and make laws. The laws then would provide equality among citizens by restricting them. After people are under the laws that are made by a government and do not against any principles, the equal treatment to everyone should be provided.

2. Being a citizen means you should be responsible to your country at all times.

I disagree with this statement. A citizen is an individual that agrees to follow the law that is made by the country in order to be protected by the country. However, a citizen may have his own choice whether to be a citizen of country A or country B. The country should not have the ability to restrict someone to leave the country. But also the premise is the person does not do something against the laws of the country or have secret information that matters the country’s benefit. So a citizen could have his own decision on whether take responsible of the country or not. One should not be forced to do.

3. Your identificaiton with your country is more improtant that your identification with a group (socail, ethnic, political).

I agree with this statement. The identification with one’s country has much more weight than identification with a group. The identification with a country represents that one is a citizen of the country, and we know that a country needs to provide many benefits to every citizen. Like insurance, education and health care. On the other hand, identification with a group is important as well, but a group is a group, the biggest group is called ‘The Country’. It is obvious that you may have more benefits with the identification of a country.


A government should treat all of its citizens equally

It is government basic responsibility to treat all the citizens equally. The government is a group of citizens who are trusted to construct the country better. As a group of people governing the country, the government should treat all the citizens equally because the political and economic growth of country are all relied on the citizens. If the government treated the wealth respectfully but not the poor, as a component of all the population, the poor would probably revolt and threaten the peace of the country.


Being a citizen means you should be responsible to your countries at all times.

Being responsible to our country all time is a one of the obligations of the citizens, as the individual is enjoying the rights protected by the government. A country is the place where people were born and educated at the early years. Citizens should always be faithful and thankful to the environment and opportunities offered by the country including education, infrastructure, jobs and food for survive. Helping the country with ideas or actions at any time at any place is the best way to express the thankfulness and appreciation.


Your identification with your country is more important than your identification with a group.

The identification with a group is the more important than with the country. Almost every individual in a country works for a company or organization. There is no conflicts between being a member in a group and being a citizen of one country, since the existence of diverse companies and organizations is for the overall development of a country. Also, People are living in a community in which they build their own relationships with others. The identification with the group build up citizens’ social life, for example a man is a doctor in the National Hospital who might hang out friend while he is not working and cure the disease contributing to his country while working. In order to have better social life with in or out the circle of friends, the identification with a company or organization is more important and helpful to every single citizen’s life.

Citizenship Homework—-Allen

1. I disagree with the statement “A government should treat all of its citizens equally.” By “disagree” I do not mean that the government should be biased on one group of people. What I want to express is that the government should provide special service to the special groups of people who need help in their daily life on financial aspect and health difficulties or disabilities. In general, these kinds of issues should be noticed and solved while running a government instead making a same series of rules for everyone under control. Otherwise these people would be facing unemployment, hunger or unhealthiness which the problems would affect their need of life.

2. I agree with the statement”Being a citizen means you should be responsible to your country at all times”. The relationship between citizens and country is all about trust and dependence on each other. Neither of then could survive without the other factor. Therefore, citizens should be responsible for the benefits they could receive from the country which coule be welfare, education and protection. In the contrary. citizens should try their best to cooperate and be responsible by following the laws and attend the draft while the country needs additional reinforcements.

3. I agree that your identification with your country is more important because this is the most significant sign of yourself. The International Law protects you for being a citizen of a recognized country whenever in unexpected accident or other events which could happen to you. The protection and support from a country is always stronger than the support a group could provide you in case of you are endangered. For example, if you are a US citizen, the US embassy at the country you are at would provide their best help even on military aspect.


1. A government should treat all of its citizens equally.

     I disagree with this statement, and I will explain it through two ways.

First of all, the citizens who are honorable. For instance, the soldier who help the country to fight the enemies. It does not that matter if the soldier come back healthily, but what if the soldier gets bad injured. When they retired, because of the incomplete of their body, they could not live as the normal people, it might be hard for them to get a really good job. If they could not get a job, they would not be able to make a living to support the whole family. But if these kind of soldiers could get  special treatments from country to ensure the quality of their life. The number of people who are willing to be soldier would increase.

Second and the last, how could government treat criminal the same as they do with the normal citizen. Then the criminal could not get the treatment or rights that normal people have, as punishment.

To conclude, the government could not treat all of its citizens equally, and they should not. They should treat people with the rank of them, the rank here is not about the wealth but about how much does the person benefit country.

2. Being a citizen means you should be responsible to your country at all times.

      I disagree with this statement, there is some special situation and I will explain in the below paragraph.

There is a special situation exist, for instance, what if you find that your country is doing something that is not good for you. Snowden could be a good example as evidence to my point. Although he was an American citizen, he indeed had the responsibilities to his country, one of the responsibilities should be being loyal. But he stood out and exposed what his country did. He thought that what American government did was a kind of invasion of privacy, which had a really bad influence on citizens’ daily life. The things that he stood out could be counted as irresponsible to his country, but the reason that he stood out was reasonable and he protected a lot of people’s privacy.

3. Your identification with your country is more important than your identification with a group (social, ethnic, political, etc).

      I agree with this statement that the identification with country is more important than identification with a group.

The identification of a group most of time is only a symbol of the role that you play, for instance, the identification of being a lawyer only means that you have the legal opportunity to stand in the court. But the country identification is not only a symbol of being a legal citizen, but also something that could bring you the right you could have as a citizen, the privilege you can get, and it also represent a series of responsibilities that you have as a citizen.

So the identification with country means much more than group identification do, and of course, it is more important than the group identification.











Citizenship Assignment

1.A government should treat all of its citizen equally

I agree because equality is the base for a country. Every citizen should have equal rights and responsibilities no matter the gender or the race. Also all citizens are equal when they are facing the laws. The government should use the laws to protect or punish all citizens in the same way without any exception.

2.Being a citizen means you should be responsible to your country at all times.

I disagree because when people are more than one country’s citizens, they cannot be responsible to both country when some accidents happened. For instance, when two countries are in the war, people could not protect both countries at the same time. So in that case, people may abandon the responsibility of being citizen in that country.

3.Your identification with your country is more important than your identification with a group (social, ethnic, political, etc.)

I disagree because it is hard to say which one is more important. In my point of view, both two identifications are in the same level, they cannot compare to each other. The identification with the country is the base of a citizen, but it does not affect the identification in a group, because some of the groups do not consider the concept of citizen.